Hans’ Injured Hands

June 11, 2007

No wonder Hans Andersen was keeping coy about the injuries to his hands to at the recent Speedway Grand Prix in Denmark. It turns out that the Danish rider’s injuries (he has 20 stitches in his wrists) were sustained riding his bike. That’s his pushbike. I don’t know, Hans rides motorcycles with no brakes as his day job and it’s only when he goes to the shops on his bicycle that he gets injured!

It wasn’t a laughing matter though, Andersen had to travel to the hospital in an ambulance and was lucky not to damage tendons or arteries.

The meeting was surpisingly won by Swedish youngster Andreas Johnson who came to life as the meeting progressed.


British Final

May 22, 2007

The British Final line up has been announced. The meeting which will take place on June 4th and it has been confirmed that the highest finishing rider will be entered in to the British Grand Prix at Cardiff as the wildcard. The full line up is:

10 highest averages:

Chris Harris, Gary Havelock, David Howe, Chris Louis, David Norris, Scott Nicholls, Lee Richardson, Joe Screen, Simon Stead, James Wright.

Under-21 qualifiers:

Edward Kennett, William Lawson, Tai Woffinden.


Oliver Allen, Lewis Bridger, Richard Hall.

Should be a great night!


Panthers also change rider order!

March 28, 2007

They’re all at it. First Eastbourne, now Peterborough have rearranged their rider order. Hans Anderson moves to the number 1 spot, with Niels-Kristian Iversen moving to number 3. Like the Eagles, Peterborough will be hoping that the move sees them getting off to a better start in meetings.


Wright sees the Aces overshadow Crump return

March 27, 2007

Belle Vue Aces 52 – Poole Pirates 38

Well, it didn’t go quite as I thought…

Jason Crump was at his imperious best on his return to Belle Vue as he scored a 15 point maximum, Bjarne Pedersen also impressed with 11 +1. However, as I pondered in my preview, the top heavy nature of the Pirates line up ensures that however fantastic Jason and Bjarne perform, it’s all for nothing if the other 5 riders can’t contribute enough points to get the result. And that’s exactly what happened. Poole’s next highest point scorer was Troy Batchelor with 5 +1, Belle Vue on the other hand, had a much more even points distribution – every rider (with the exception of Ryan Fisher) scored 7 or over. Particularly impressive for the Aces was young England starlet James Wright, a confident nights work saw him pick up 10 +2 and end up as the Aces top scorer (Stead also got 10 but only the 1 bonus point). The Poole and England team manager Neil Middleditch had mixed feelings about that showing for obvious reasons!

Perhaps the bookies have got Belle Vue all wrong, I know I was far too hasty in predicting that they would struggle last night. This said, it’s a long season and the Aces will need to keep this up if they are not to find themselves in the bottom reaches of the league.

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Eastbourne change rider order

March 27, 2007

In an effort to counter a run of three straight defeats, Eastbourne manager Trevor Geer has rearranged his rider order. The Eagles will now line up as below:

1. Pedersen
2. Andersson
3. Norris
4. Barker
5. Watt
6. Woodward
7. Bridger

The new order will see Nicki Pedersen open in heat 1 for Eastbourne and David Norris not have his first race until heat 3. The Eagles will be hoping that this gets them off to a better start and that the extra time gives Norris longer to prepare his bike for the track.


Monday night preview

March 25, 2007

 Jason Crump

The Monday night televised speedway action sees Poole Pirates travel to Belle Vue Aces and of course, this means the return of world champion Jason Crump to his former stomping ground. A summer transfer south for Crump has almost ensured that the Pirates will win a lot of their races this season, the top two of Crump and Bjarne Pedersen is the strongest in the Elite League by some distance (Hancock and Zagar are probably the second strongest). However, much like Jodie Marsh, Poole look distinctly top heavy. By packing the top order they are putting an awful lot of pressure on the younger Kennet, Batchelor and Doyle and it remains to be seen whether this strategy will prove effective or not.

The Aces didn’t seek a big name replacement for Crump and instead promoted Simon Stead to top dog with Joe Screen adopting the captaincy. Belle Vue are the bookies favourites to finish bottom this year but I wonder if their not having a Grand Prix rider in the line up might prove an advantage – they won’t have to adjust to racing meetings on a GP weekend without their star and be forced in to re jigging the rider order and they will avoid the disastrous situation of having your top rider injured whilst racing in the GPs.

No-one knows the Aces track as well as Jason and he should steer Poole towards a draw in this one, the win is possible, but of course, this is all depends on the Pirates’ backup riders.


Loram suffers injury

March 25, 2007

Disaster for the Ipswich Witches. In their meeting with Reading at Foxhall Heath stadium last Thursday, star rider Mark Loram collided with Reading’s ‘Sam’ Simota in the first heat, the crash saw both riders taken to hospital. Simota suffered only minor bruising and should be fit for the next meet but Loram’s injury was much more serious, the impact with which he hit the track causing him to break his thigh. The early prognosis suggests that Mark may not ride again this season -a disaster for Ipswich at any time but especially so in their first meeting. Naturally, the crash overshadowed the meeting and Ipswich eventually went down to a 47-43 loss. Mark Lemon was particularly impressive racking up 14 +2, the Australian has started this season with a bang and could work his way in to the Reading top order at this rate. A good bet for anyone participating in the numerous Fantasy Speedway Leagues!